Sunday, May 23, 2010

Step One: I Hate Blogs

Blogs are for losers, the self-obsessed, the loudmouths of the world. Blogs are to follow famous people you shouldn't care about, to tell everyone about that cool movie you saw, to replace bad magazines and letters.

Blogs are a pointless waste of letters, another example of words meant to fade off into the void of the internet as soon as someone stops caring about them. They are the vocal extension of a generation practicing weapons of mass publishing, everyone saying what they think so loudly that not one person is remembered.

Yet here I have made a blog, out of desperation and respect. Because this is the now, and if done right it could be the future. I hope I'm wrong, and more so I hope that what I think doesn't matter. In the meantime, this will serve as my blog, which I hate, an extension of my utopia and my nightmare, the Cyberlot. Where technology and communication are reflected in art besides science fiction, where maybe it is literary.

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