Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lord Uertu: Part 1 (Rough Draft)

The task here is one I take far too lightly, to recreate the image of god. I will use the little 'g' here to limit my offense, since no matter how you look at it, this is simply fictional. I will try to do everything with purpose, from names to actions to words, so know that this is not simply idle blasphemy. For those of you that enjoy idle blasphemy, I guess you can appreciate this too. Though this, the first part, is rather bland. But it is necessary, like the opening cinematic to an adventure game.

There was chaos to begin. A swirling void of blackness without end, no order to be spoken of with no one to speak of it. No mortal creatures stirred, no bodies moved, there was only the void and its occupant.

Within that endless darkness there stood one hard light, emanating piercing warmth through the vast nothingness. That light came from power divine, that went where it pleased, did what it pleased. That light was Uertu, majesty without origin. Uertu's light shined from his domain, a Crystal Haven in the dark of chaos. From there, the gem-hued walls spread Uertu's light to every corner he wished it, split back chaos with its very presence. Yet there was still only him.

Despite Uertu's great power, there was no one to know it. No one drew benefit from his vast light, which concerned him. Standing over chaos, there was nothing but his light, and its dark. For all his light, there was still much more darkness.

Seeing this, Uertu spoke, “What is Uertu with no one to know him? If I am good, then let there be beings to know me as good.”

The light grew bright, peeling back the folds of chaos as Uertu began his work. With great grace came the matter, and with great energy it became the cosmos we know. Chaos cradled it, that unwanted dark held out by Uertu's great energy.

Within the cosmos sped bodies, molten, frozen, hurtling and spinning, all centered on the Crystal Haven.

Then one of such bodies out of many was chosen, for its shape and size pleased him, and Uertu rested above it. To Uertu, creating life was a small task, but to create future subjects took forethought. So others were brought before him, his own children.

When his many children came before him, Uertu spoke again, “Know that now I create life, with purpose. These beings will live, love, and lose to learn of me. I wish that they will seek me, and through seeking their Lord they will gain entrance to the Crystal Haven. To such as them my power will be infinite, my knowledge will be infallible, my actions will be everything. Through their trials on this rock, let them be tested for worthiness, and let you test them my children.”

Uertu pointed out three of his children, “You Meret, let them act for you without knowing what you wish of them my son. They will risk death and the eternity of chaos in hopes of your rewards. You Morallite, They will seek you, want you, yet never know you. Hide among them my daughter and be the untouchable treasure. Lastly you Iustys, chiseled from the stone, let them beg for you, yet fear you. They will not want the touch of your hand, yet seek your mighty fist.”

The three children understood, and this pleased Lord Uertu. Then life was created. First the plants came , sprouts of lush life that colored the world. Then came the creatures of all sorts, smallest first to biggest. Then time passed, as Uertu's subjects were not among these.

With ages passed, Man appeared, and Uertu's children went to them. The trial of life was to enter its first chapter.

Next Chapter: Enter King Kno's Ledge, and Meret

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  1. This is turning out to be interesting, god giving the people the three things that society imposes upon itself, yet has such difficulty achieving. Justice, Morality, and Merit. This is cool